As a kid, playing cricket, I always hoped I would score a century. My batting skills put paid to that. My grandfather started to clear a place on his mantelpiece on his 95th birthday for a telegram from the Queen. He made it to 97. I remember the excitement of getting paid in $100 notes on a building site job I worked on at Uni. Some time after midnight on the 8th February 2009, at the Victoria Police Headquarters, the Deputy Emergency Response Officer, Doug Hocking said to me “100? 200? We just don’t know how many yet”. 100 is a number that bobs up here and there all the time. And now, I’m up to my 100th post!

It’s been an interesting ride, part confessional, part inspiration, part road testing of ideas, part helpful ( I hope). It has certainly not been a consistent ride, with long periods of radio silence, due to many things, tiredness, nothing meaningful to say, writers block, busyness. Then there are times that all I want to do is write, but things like work, and cooking dinner, and doing the washing get in the way.

There were a few times when I thought, do I bother, does anyone read it (I suspect that is the lot of the blogger). Some posts I thought were absolutely brilliant (if I don’t say so myself), and only a handful of people read it. (Yes, I can see). I planned a whole series of posts around the Katrina anniversary, but when my first one, which was my own experience of Katrina, tanked, (and I was particularly tired, we were just renovating our house), I shelved them.

But then others surprised me. The series of my experiences at Sendai were chart toppers. The ones where I try to make sense of events happening, are widely read, and shared. The messages I get mean a lot, whether public or private.

The Songs of Sastrugi has been a fascinating process. Some are ones that just lend themselves to the topic, others I need to seek out, and some are just plain obscure. I used The Saints Know Your Product for a post on the Bushfire and Natural Hazards Research Advisory forum. I was asked “why”;  there’s a line in there where Chris Bailey snarls, “Here comes the professor” and as I was hanging out with a lot of professors and associate professors, it just seem right. I have a lot of fun with the music, because is important to me. Interestingly, because the videos are embedded, I can’t tell if anyone listens to it. Perhaps they should be at the top, then you can click on them, and listen while reading. Or maybe I just leave it

I still have plenty of ideas, some straightforward, some strange, and I am looking forward to trying to commit these to paper.

So, thank you dear reader for taking the time to read, comment, or just think.


Is there a better song written about writing?

8 thoughts on “100

    1. I probably should have qualified the first comment by saying i did score centuries off you and Chris in net cricket, Phil! 🙂


  1. Here here!! Congratulations – An amazing effort and please don’t stop. I find a lot of value in your blogging. Many thanks and with sincere appreciation of your effort and expertize. Cheers Rhonda


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