Ten out of ten

So said the forecaster on Thursday about the impending superstorm that would hit Melbourne and Victoria over the weekend. Living, like Shrek, in the swamp of Elwood, this fills me with a bit of nervousness. And although our house is just out of the  1in 100  flood line, and we have yet to be flooded […]

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How long is recovery?

If I had a dollar for everytime I was asked this, I would be rich. Actually I wouldn’t be rich, because the answer is disappointing. “It depends” usually is the answer. Or “ we can’t say” To which the riposte comes “But surely someone knows” and we shake our heads, sadly and say. It’s not […]

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Bottom of the stairs

I have been long fascinated with the London Underground. To say that I’m obsessed is a bit of an understatement. It surprised me that until recently, I didn’t know about the Bethnal Green Tube Disaster during World War two. I came upon it initially through the film Atonement, where Cecilia Tallis played by Keira Knightley […]

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Well, today 20 years ago, I walked into the Red Cross office on City Road Southbank, as the brand new Deputy Coordinator, Emergency Registration. You walked up the stairs, then up a hill and down a hill along a long corridor.(the building was that old and decrepit). I was to look after the State Inquiry […]

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What can I say?

But thank to everyone for their amazing response to my post from Thursday. I felt extraordinarily privileged to receive such heart felt support and encouragement. There’s a way to go, but I am feeling OK. 🙂 Thank You.

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RU OK? Me, I’m not*

Today is RU OK? Day, a great initiative formed to get people to check in on each other. Me? I’m not OK. Haven’t been for about 18months or so, but I am now recognising it, calling it out and doing something about it. The work that we do, goes without saying, is stressful. “You work […]

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Come in Houston?

Again we are watching a disaster unfold in the gulf country, with Hurricane Harvey dumping masses of water onto Houston. The city is inundated, and once again we see people forced to rooftops as the water rose, and scenes of tragedy as people and animals were left behind. IT will be interesting to see how […]

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