The Not Knowing.

One of the more pleasant things I did over the break (self care 101), was to sit in the backyard, in a bean bag. Our dear friend,  Kirsten Alexander published her first book, Half moon lake, so I was able to settle in for a good read. It’s a fabulous novel about true events in […]

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It’s not often you get to enjoy the company of one of the world’s great minds in the area of Post Traumatic Stress. Yesterday I, and many of my colleagues, were able to revel in 3hours of post traumatic stress heaven (if there is such a thing), with Dr Patricia Watson, one of the gurus […]

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Objects and Memory

Objects and Memory “There are events that transform ordinary things into irreplaceable carriers of identity, emotion and memory. These objects help us find our way forward.” Laid low by a cold, I finally managed to have a look at a film that I ordered some time ago. Jonathan  Fein and Brian Danitz’s Objects and Memory […]

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