There’s a little book that has been sitting in my bookshelf for a couple of years, bought one chilly wet night at The Paperback Bookshop in Bourke St Melbourne (probably my favourite bookshop). I have severe Tsundoku (the japanese term for buying books and not reading them). But after hearing journalist Tom Doig speak at […]

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The Language of Resilience

Maha Sukkar, a senior constable from Victoria Police, opened this session speaking in Arabic, giving people directions and making people feeling uncomfortable and uncertainty, because they did not understand what she was saying.  She brilliantly illustrated the point that language, in situations of high stress is important. Penny Egan-Vine spoke about the issues that face […]

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Intimate Partner Violence

The plenary session after lunch, focused on the deep scourge of violence in the household. The scene was was set by Sharon, a long term Marysville resident, who talked about trauma. She spoke about her ex husband, who was a project firefighter, who was trapped in Marysville, and acquired a traumatic incident, which one couldn’t […]

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Privileged irresponsibility

Bob Pease from Deakin and the University of Tasmania gave a strident, clear and passionate about the privileged irresponsibility relating to global warming, and the environment, structured violence that it brings. He brought a clear criticism of the  term and concept of resilience, suggesting as a concept it is not connected at all to political […]

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