Strathewen Memorial

This is probably one of the most rewarding, tangible things I have been involved in, in my work in disaster recovery. I’ve got a story to tell, which I’ll get around to writing down as part of this blog process. In the meantime, Steve and Barb will tell the story of the Strathewen Memorial. It well worth a watch. You will realise that it’s not just a matter of bunging a plaque on a stone or a seat, if you want to do something that is a collective representation of events, that speaks to all people’s losses and impacts, that people can reflect on, and feel comfortable with, and helps to shape the narrative of the disaster for a particular place

These guys are extraordinary.

And it’s a bit eerie that Steve sent this to me, the week that Bill Putt, founding member of great Australian band, Spectrum, and Strathewen resident, died of a heart attack chopping wood at his Strathewen home, which was one of the few to survive the fires. RIP Bill

5 thoughts on “Strathewen Memorial

  1. Amazing place and people, John. I admire them so much for their tenacity and bravery and love and sense of ‘owning the pace’ of their recovery. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Lovely to see you at our Memorial on 7 Feb. 5 years on and the Memorial space works so well to fit the hundreds of people in. I remember the first time we walked into this space and thought it had a special feel. Might I suggest updating your photos xx Barbara


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