nicht neues im westens

So, it has been pretty quiet in the writing space since February. It has felt a little bit like writer’s block. Each time I have sat down to write something, it didn’t flow like most of the posts i have written. I do have a few half formed or somewhat trite posts which I didn’t think worthy of posting.

I have also been pedalling pretty hard at work to try to finish a number of things, which still remain generally unfinished! However one of the things I did finish was a paper on disaster resilience capacities. This is work that we started around two years ago, but like many things without externally imposed deadlines, and trying to do it off the side of your desk, it has been an interative process.

However, getting the paper accepted at the Australian and New Zealand Disaster Management Conference gave me the impetus (read threat) to shape these thoughts and finish them into a format that is somewhat coherent.I am fortunate to have a great network of colleagues who were ale to provide some robust critiques and suggestions

The basic premise of the paper is to move away from using demographics solely as a measure of vulnerability. WHile certain demographic groups of people are over represented in disaster statistics (deaths mainly), my premise is that it doesn’t mean that all these group of people are automatically vulnerable to disaster.

I will detail this more in a subsequent post (I am a week into three weeks leave so trying to not to think too much about resilience, and vulnerability, and recovery and disasters.

But, I am back!

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