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A book review of As Stars Fall by Christine Nieman

I think this is a good book. The writer, Christine Nieman,  did a great job writing about emotions in as the stars fall. Although it was good, I think it is definitely for older kids. There is some drug use, and may be advanced for kids my age.

“The fire was fast and hot…only days after it went through there were absolutely no birds left. I should have seen it as an omen, the birds all leaving like that”

From the back cover..

Robin is a self confessed bird nerd from the country living in the city. On the first day at her new school, she meets Delia. Delia is freaky and definitely not good for Robin’s image. Seth, Delia’s brother has given up school to prowl the city streets. He is angry at everything, especially the fire that killed his mother. When a rare and endangered bird turns up in the city parklands, the lives of Robin, Seth and Delia become fatefully and dangerously intertwined.

Does this book make me learn more about bushfires? The answer for me is is sort of. Although the book is based on a  fire and and bird, I feel this book helps me learn a bit more on what it’s like to lose someone in a fire.

Emily Richardson, 13

5 thoughts on “As the stars fall-guest blogger Emily Richardson

  1. Well done, Emily. You are definitely a chip off the old block and I’m sure he’s very proud of you.

    I have read the book and you have captured its essence very well.



    Senior Policy Advisor

    Monash University Disaster Resilience Initiative

    Ph: +61 (0)412 921 031



  2. Hi Emily,

    I finished reading this book a couple of weeks ago and I really liked it too. I thought that it was very interesting to read about losing someone in a fire from a young persons point of view. I also liked the way the book explored the way a bush fire can have a big impact on people who live a long way from where the fire actually happens.

    Great to see you writing on Johns blog – lets hope you can share your thought again sometime.



  3. What a great book review Emily. I really got a feel for what the book was about and what you got out of it.
    Keep on reading, and writing!


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