Sendai Framework

So, after all that, here it is, the Sendai Framework. The closing ceremony had to be postponed as negotiations continued, apparently stuck on technological transfers. The four priorities are 1. Understanding disaster risk; 2 Strengthening disaster risk governance to manage disaster risk; 3 Investing in disaster risk reduction for resilience; 4 Enhancing disaster preparedness for […]

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Hayabusa Day 5 Homeward Bound

The Hayabusa Super Express takes me at 350Kmh towards Tokyo, and home. That I’ll be glad of. It is hard to be away for periods of time. But I digress, I wanted to use your reading time to recount the evening session I went to on Archiving and Memorialisation of Disasters. This was one of […]

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Sasakawa Day 4: 3 WCDRR

I needed to change it up a bit today. Day four, and the energy is flagging a bit. I’d hate to think about how the negotiators are going. Apparently they were at it until 4 am this morning. As a result of less relevant (and perhaps less interesting) sessions, and the feeling of cabin fever, […]

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Billion 3WCDRR Day 2

A beautiful cold crisp morning greeted us today in Sendai. Staying about 20mins walk from the conference centre is great, it allows you to think going to and from. I try to take different streets to mix it up a bit. Sendai is a town that has clearly been rebuilt time and time again, there […]

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Stratospheric Day 1 3rd WCDRR

Konnichiwa. The UN’s 3rd World Disaster Risk Reduction Conference is on in Sendai, Japan. And I’m here. And it’s big. No huge. Estimated 30,000 people here. This is nothing like I have experienced, sitting in audiences with Ministers, royalty heads of state, Ambassadors, presenting.  It’s so high level, it’s nose bleeding stuff. The day started […]

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Its a great big world

In Australia, I feel our relationship with the international community on disaster management is very tenuous. Apart from a number of mutual aid agreements on urban search and rescue and forest fire fighting, we had tended not to look at the international community for what practice we can learn. We’re a little bit arrogant, presuming […]

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