Sendai Framework

So, after all that, here it is, the Sendai Framework. The closing ceremony had to be postponed as negotiations continued, apparently stuck on technological transfers. The four priorities are

1. Understanding disaster risk;
2 Strengthening disaster risk governance to manage disaster risk;
3 Investing in disaster risk reduction for resilience;
4 Enhancing disaster preparedness for effective response, and to “Build Back Better” in recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction.
Apparently there were more negotiating hours put into this framework than the Climate Change framework. Yet it has received next to no attention. It probably also says something when Australia sends the Foreign and Finance Ministers to the Climate Change negotiations, but sends a relatively junior minister, the Minister for Emergency Management to these talks. It suggests to me that we still don’t get the economic importance, and potential opportunity for disaster risk reduction.
Anyway, happy reading!

One thought on “Sendai Framework

  1. Thanks John for your insights at this important event. Interesting point about level of representation from Australia, particularly in the midst of multiple cycle events within Australia and significant government and NPO support for Vanuatu.
    Your seat buddy Kevin told me that even the President of Zimbabwe attended the official side of the river.


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