Sounds of Catastrophe

Recently I was invited to go on Contact on PBS-FM (our fabulous public broadcaster). It is an overnight show, hosted by the fanatastic Adrian Meade, which explores ambient music. WE had an hour long chat (at 5am!) about disasters, trauma and the role of music in helping, understanding and healing. This is a topic that, […]

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Return to Marysville

Today was the first time that I returned to Marysville after the Black Saturday bushfires in February 2009.Driving there, i had a bit of trepidation. MArysville was always¬† a bit special for me. Our Grade 6 camp was there. We stayed at Mary Lynn, went to Steavenson’s Falls, and Lake Mountain. it is one of […]

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How did I get here?

What I am doing writing a blog about the work I do? Isn’t it enough just to do the work and come home to do something else. Probably. And I am not entirely sure about the whole blogging thing. Yet. However, two things drive me. One is that I spend a lot of time thinking […]

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