Parallel universe

Over the past three years I’ve been operating in an parallel universe. It’s called Beyond Bushfires, a research study looking at the health impacts of the Black Saturday Bushfires. The reason I call it an alternative reality, as this research stuff is all new to me. It has its own language and rules, and practices, […]

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One of the more fortunate things to happen to me in this work I do, was last Friday night a the Strathewen Remembrance gathering. I was given a chook. I’ll let that sink in. A chook. This is not any old chook. It’s a strathy chook, and rather than me go on about it, Barbara […]

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Memories John Schauble from the Fire Commissioners Office, and ex Age journalist has penned a very thoughtful piece about remembrance. In it he poses the question about whether events such as Black Saturday should be remembered. It is a must read article. This is a very interesting question. Anne Eyre has written extensively on commemoration […]

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February 7

Today marks the 5th anniversary of bushfires that devastated Victoria. They were dubbed Black Saturday, although I do often hesitate often to use that label. Some of the people I worked with in the bereavement support groups struggled with being labelled. They were already grieving in public, with media and public interest in the funerals […]

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Emily hearts Marysville

Enduring a bleak Melbourne winter’s morning, Emily set up her Marysville stall at the school market. The couple of months thinking, and planning and preparing were now on her, and it was time to do the job.   She was a little bit nervous “what if no one comes, Daddy?” I suppose this is the […]

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In the Supermarket

Over the weekend we were in Marysville for Emily’s project. We caught up with Tony Thompson, the terrific chair of the Marysville and Triangle Community Recovery Committee (amongst other things he does). Emily interviewed Tony for her project, and he was very generous of his time (having spent a day up at the Lake Mountain […]

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Emily Steps Up

After bringing home the peppermint crisp from the Marysville Patisserie for Emily, we had one of our family dinner table discussions about the bushfires, what happened afterwards, and what is happening now in Marysville. I talked to the girls about how spending money in Marysville like I did helped the people there earn money. Dinner […]

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Return to Marysville-Redux

So, I’m getting the hang of this blogging stuff. I have re-read my post from yesterday, and have realised, IT  WAS ALL ABOUT ME! What I did want to write about was the long term nature of recovery. This was a theme of the workshop, everyone there recognises that recovery is not over in days […]

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