Emily Steps Up

After bringing home the peppermint crisp from the Marysville Patisserie for Emily, we had one of our family dinner table discussions about the bushfires, what happened afterwards, and what is happening now in Marysville. I talked to the girls about how spending money in Marysville like I did helped the people there earn money. Dinner time discussions are great at our place.

On saturday morning, on our way to netball, Emily said, “I have been thinking. Why don’t we get the biscuits and chocolates from the Marysville Patisserie and sell them at the school market” Our school has a monthly market, which has about 2000 people pass through it. “we could also tell people that they should go up to Marysville and stay there and buy things from the shops”. I’d have to say, I was pretty proud of my girl at that point, grasping the complexity¬† of the problem better than many an emergency manager.

Aside from being the proud father, I’m amazed by how kids grasp a situation and think about what they can do, practically, to help out. She is now planning how to promote people to go to visit Marysville, and wants to get the whole school involved.

We will keep you posted!

2 thoughts on “Emily Steps Up

  1. Good on you Emily for such smart thinking about doing something to help people just like us but who are having a hard time in life. We are proud of you!


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