It’s the economy, stupid

The Regional Australia Institute recently released a report on business recovery, From Disaster to Renewal. Those of you who have been reading my blog from the start may recognise that this is the report from the workshop I went to in Marysville back in May. So the report has two unintended positive consequences, that I […]

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Emily hearts Marysville

Enduring a bleak Melbourne winter’s morning, Emily set up her Marysville stall at the school market. The couple of months thinking, and planning and preparing were now on her, and it was time to do the job.   She was a little bit nervous “what if no one comes, Daddy?” I suppose this is the […]

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In the Supermarket

Over the weekend we were in Marysville for Emily’s project. We caught up with Tony Thompson, the terrific chair of the Marysville and Triangle Community Recovery Committee (amongst other things he does). Emily interviewed Tony for her project, and he was very generous of his time (having spent a day up at the Lake Mountain […]

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Emily Steps Up

After bringing home the peppermint crisp from the Marysville Patisserie for Emily, we had one of our family dinner table discussions about the bushfires, what happened afterwards, and what is happening now in Marysville. I talked to the girls about how spending money in Marysville like I did helped the people there earn money. Dinner […]

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Return to Marysville-Redux

So, I’m getting the hang of this blogging stuff. I have re-read my post from yesterday, and have realised, IT  WAS ALL ABOUT ME! What I did want to write about was the long term nature of recovery. This was a theme of the workshop, everyone there recognises that recovery is not over in days […]

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Return to Marysville

Today was the first time that I returned to Marysville after the Black Saturday bushfires in February 2009.Driving there, i had a bit of trepidation. MArysville was always  a bit special for me. Our Grade 6 camp was there. We stayed at Mary Lynn, went to Steavenson’s Falls, and Lake Mountain. it is one of […]

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