An Update on Emily’s Marysville Project

Just a little update on Emily’s Marysville project. She is in full swing now, as part of her Year 6 Geography Unit . She’s doing her impact assessment, got in touch with local leaders, has booked a stall at the market (August 2), created a roster, made a piggy bank, and creating her communications. The questions she has developed and asked would not be out-of-place on any Recovery Committee.

What was Marysville’s Natural Environment before the bushfires?

How did the fire affect the town?

How did the fire affect the town’s future?

What caused the fire?

How did the fire affect tourism?

How can we help?

I like the way she has left the how can we help question until last? A good strategic thinker. Too often we lead with that question, then we really don’t know why we are doing what we are doing. I like to think of the Ani DiFranco song What How When Where (Why Who) when I do quick assessments in my head . This helps me create a picture and start to form my own narrative about what is happening.

I digress, this is not about me, it’s about Emily. And I’m pretty proud.

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